What is Five 9?
What is Five 9? Five 9’s represent 99.999% system availability – a standard of quality and dependability that Five 9 Group strives to achieve in all we do. Five 9 Group is committed to delivering high quality, innovative information technology solutions to our customers.  We aim for Five 9 level quality in all our engagements.
Systems Engineering
Systems Engineering: Five 9 Group ’s System Engineers can design and implement new systems, maintain and improve your existing infrastructure, and handle your data center migration needs. We provide dependable solutions for: application and database hosting, data warehousing, storage management, high system availability, OS administration and mainframe support.
Business Intelligence Solutions
Business Intelligence Solutions: Business Intelligence (BI) provides the information needed to lead, manage and operate your business.  Five 9 Group ’s capabilities in this area make us the choice when you need actionable information at the right time and the right place.  Whether you just need more flexible reporting capabilities against your current data structure, or the foundation of an enterprise data warehouse, our services cover the entire BI development process.
Enterprise Management
Enterprise Management: Management of your high availability critical systems infrastructure requires effective and proactive monitoring systems, executable Disaster Recovery plans, as well as real-time resource management and capacity planning.  Whether we are standing up a new system, upgrading and patching your OS’s and RDBMS’s, or handling the migration of your systems to a new datacenter or server; Five 9 Group has a demonstrated track record of exceeding customer expectations.
Technical Project Management
Technical Project Management:Regardless of the IT project at hand, Five 9 Group project managers will plan, organize and manage resources to bring your project in within scope, schedule and budget. We understand how to optimize resources, leverage technology and succeed in navigating your established processes and 
work environments.

Your Requirements

"Data is the lifeblood of our operation."

"Immediate, but controlled access is critical to our daily business."

"Data integrity and quality are paramount to our success."

"24x7, uninterrupted availability is crucial."

"Translating our data to actionable intelligence is key to our business growth and continued support for our customers."

Five 9 Group Support

These frequently expressed requirements represent the core of Five 9 Group’s capabilities. We deliver a broad array of fully integrated management, maintenance and protection services for your most sensitive and critical information systems.

Five 9 Group Capabilities

Please explore our detailed service offerings and experience:
(Updated - January 2013!)

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Five 9 Mission, Vision, and Values

Our customers recognize Five 9 Group as a reliable resource of choice for managing their critical infrastructure and information. We recognize our employees are the face of Five 9 Group.

Our personnel provide the highest level of service in line with our Mission, Vision, and Values:


We invest in our customers’ mission by providing innovative solutions, dedicated experts, and proven processes. Our purpose is to ensure the full potential of our customers, and to maintain the creativity and life balance of our employees.


  • Our vision is to be the premier leader at identifying and integrating innovative technology solutions.


  • Mission Focused: We recognize that customer success is our success.
  • Ethics: We do the right thing, always, particularly when it’s difficult.
  • Integrity: We guarantee Reliability, Quality, and Commitment to do what it takes to get the job done right.
  • Innovation through Diversity: We promote and embrace team diversity in order to foster perspectives that lead to robust solutions.
  • Employee Focused: We support employee goals and quality of life through flexibility, continuous learning, and collaboration.